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A Brief History of Palm Springs, CA

Written by Jeff Shotwell
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Palm Springs in the 1950s Palm Springs in the 1950s

Palm Springs, CA, is a resort city located in Coachella Valley. It's about 55 miles from San Bernadino and covers about 94 square miles. The city itself has quite a bit to offer to residents and visitors. For example, they can enjoy swimming, hiking, golfing and a number of other outdoor activities.

Originally, the city of Palm Springs was inhabited by the Cahuilla people. In fact, in 1896, the area was developed into reservation land for the Cahuilla people. Sections of them still reside in the Coachella Valley and San Gorgonio Pass areas today.

The name of the city can be traced back as far as 1853. There is a bit of debate regarding which type of palm was initially referred to by the name, but most believe that it is referencing the California fan palm, which is native to the state.

By the 1900s, Palm Springs became a popular resort. Many of the first travelers visited the area because of their health. The dry heat that is characteristic of the city is beneficial for a number of health conditions.

Today, tourism continues to be a huge part of Palm Spring's atmosphere. Annually, the city has well over a million visitors and is home to hundreds of hotels and resorts. There are also hundreds of restaurants and other tourist attractions located in this city, and it has some of the most beautiful architecture in the state.

Palm Springs, CA, is definitely a city that is worth visiting. With a rich history, a vibrant atmosphere and a promising future, the city is guaranteed to impress everyone who enters its borders for many years to come.



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