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5 of the Top Hiking Spots in Palm Springs

Written by Jeff Shotwell
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Hiking in Palm Springs, California Hiking in Palm Springs, California

The beautiful and sunny town of Palm Springs has much to offer, including scenic hiking spots. Here are the top 5 hiking trails you can find in Palm Springs.

Earl Henderson Trail

The Earl Henderson Trail is a short (2.9 miles), beautiful trail with an easy elevation gain of 377 feet. With such a low elevation gain, the Earl Henderson trail is a common spot for horseback riding, and dog walking. The trail features many gorgeous species of flowers and an easy to follow loop. 

Araby Trail

The Araby Trail is a popular trail that gives a spectacular view of Coachella Valley. With an elevation gain of 800 feet over a 4.2 miles round trip length, the Araby Trail is one of the easiest of the well-known Palm Springs hiking trails. In addition to the view of the valley, expect to see some celebrity homes such as those owned by Bob Hope and Steve McQueen.

North and South Lykken Trails

The Lykken trails are made up of two parts, the North Lykken Trail, and the South Lykken Trail. The South Lykken trail is the longer and steeper of the two at 7.3 narrow miles long, with an elevation gain of 2,257 feet. The North Lykken Trail is a much easier 3.5 miles long with a modest elevation gain of 1,748 feet.

Clara Burgess Trail

The Clara Burgess Trail is a very short trail at only 2.2 miles long. With a strenuous elevation gain of 1,339 feet. Despite its length, the Clara Burgess can be a difficult trail to some, as in order to reach the trail you must first gain access through the Garstin or Fern Canyon Trails. Do not attempt this trail without a map or other knowledge of the area, as it can get confusing. 

Cactus to Clouds Trail

The Cactus to Clouds Trail is fairly lengthy (16 miles) that begins in the city of Palm Springs and ends at San Jacinto Peak. What makes the Cactus to Clouds Trail so notable is its steep elevation in a relatively short amount of length. During its 16 miles, you will climb up to 10,300 feet. You may also enjoy the Palm Springs Art Museum which is located at the beginning of the trail. 

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