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Go Bird Watching at an Internationally Recognized Site

Written by Jeff Shotwell
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Flock of California Quail Flock of California Quail Copyright: steve_byland / 123RF Stock Photo

Nestled among the Little San Bernardino Mountains is an internationally recognized birding site where many rare and unusual bird species build their nests.

We're talking about the Big Morongo Canyon Preserve, and it has been designated as one of the most Important Bird Areas in the United States by the American Bird Conservancy.

As you explore the preserve's numerous trails, birds you may spot include:

Gambel's Quail - Gambel's Quails are known as gregarious birds of the Southwest. They're plump with short necks and display richly patterned chestnut, cream, and gray feathers that provide excellent camouflage. These birds typically walk or run on the ground in groups called coveys, and they forage for food under cacti and shrubs.

Rock Wren - Found throughout arid western North America, rock wrens are pale gray birds that feature a faintly striped throat and a long, thin bill. They're rather interesting birds as the chatty males feature a repertoire of more than one hundred songs, and neither male nor females drink water. Their food provides all that they need.

Golden-Crowned Kinglet - It can take some patience to spot golden-crowned kinglets as they prefer to spend much of their day perched high in dense spruce or fir foliage. They're not much larger than a hummingbird, and they display pale olive feathers on top and gray ones below. Listening for their high-pitched tsee notes can help birdwatchers find these birds more easily.

These are just three of the many birds that you may spot during your trip. When you're ready to book your stay in Palm Springs, please contact us at ModMansions to make reservations for one of our luxury homes.

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