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Take a Hike! Discover the Native Beauty of Murray Canyon

Written by Jeff Shotwell
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One of the Seven Sisters, Murray Canyon , Palm Springs One of the Seven Sisters, Murray Canyon , Palm Springs

Staying in one of our Palm Springs vacation rentals and want to find the best hiking in the valley? Want to get the most from your Palm Springs getaway? Spend some time discovering the incomparable natural, native beauty that the Agua Caliente Cahuilla Indians discovered over 2,000 years ago. Settling in the canyons and mountains of what is now called Indian Canyons, these peaceful Native Americans were actually the first residents of Palm Springs.

Within Indian Canyons, part of the Agua Caliente Indian Reservation, are several unique hiking trails, each with its own beauty and history to share. Murray Canyon is actually named after one of Palm Springs' founders, Welwood Murray, who built and ran the first 26-room hotel here in 1886, before Palm Springs was even an official village. During your hike, keep your eyes open for remnants of old settlements that once stood in the canyon.

Murray Canyon lies south of Andreas Canyon, and the hike is considered to be an easy to moderate four-mile loop, with both foot trails and equestrian trails. This canyon is known for its abundance of California fan palm trees, which you can follow along the Murray Canyon Creek. The trail crosses over the creek in a few spots, but the crossings are easy to navigate because they're created by natural large rocks in the creek.

There's plenty of native plant life to see in Murray Canyon, something not found on all canyon trails. A variety of ferns, different types of cacti, desert dandelion, desert lavender, willows and so much more can be seen, depending on the time of year you're there. 

Because Murray Canyon is more secluded and less hiked than other Indian Canyons, many different types of native wildlife from mule deer to lizards live and roam here. You may even spot some endangered species that call Murray Canyon home, including Peninsula Big Horn Sheep and the Least Bell's Vireo bird, which nests in the canyon's dense shrubs.

There is no potable (drinking) water in Murray Canyon, so be sure to bring water with you. Sunscreen, sturdy footwear, a trail map and layered clothing are also advisable, but most of all, bring your camera because you'll want to capture all the magnificence of this Palm Springs experience. 


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