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Visiting Elvis in Palm Springs!

Written by Jeff Shotwell
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Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway

"Elvis has left the building," but you can still visit where Elvis stayed in Palm Springs. If you're an Elvis fan, you already know that he lived and honeymooned here.

Can you picture Elvis softly singing the Hawaiian Wedding Song to Priscilla as they crossed the threshold at the Honeymoon Hideaway?  While Elvis and Priscilla had planned to have their wedding there also, they were chased away by paparazzi thanks to Rona Barrett, the famous gossip columnist who also lived in the area.  

Instead of the pool-side wedding they were going to have, Elvis and Priscilla went off to Vegas thanks to their friend, Frank Sinatra, lending them use of his private jet. They returned for their honeymoon night and lived in Palm Springs for about two years.

While you may have heard of the Honeymoon Hideaway because it was the King's retreat, you may not know that the home was called the "House of Tomorrow" because it was on the forefront of Mid-Century modernist architecture.  Built in the early sixties by the Alexander family, the Alexander Estate is over 5,500 square feet, though 'square' is a misnomer in this case because all of the rooms, on three floors, are round. 

Today, the Honeymoon Hideaway has been restored to its original glory, done in Art Deco decor and design throughout.  According to the Desert Sun, it is the place to have yourself photographed.  Don't forget to take a picture of the most photographed pool in the valley as well!  The Alexanders built over 2,200 homes in the area, and were largely responsible for the rise in Mid-century modernism in the Palm Springs area in the sixties.

Elvis made even more popular a home that was already well-known in its own right.  You can tour the Honeymoon Hideaway, and there are art shows and events (check here for dates and costs).  If you're an Elvis fan, you'll want to make this a central part of your time in Palm Springs!


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