Meet The ModMansions Team

Our "Customer First" Mentality

Created in 2009, ModMansions consists of 10 luxury vacation homes where the emphasis is on you. Whereas competitive properties merely tell you how to pick up your keys, we personally welcome you into our homes, showing you how everything works. From Wi-Fi passwords to turning on the Jacuzzi to working the TV, we convert your stay into a forever memory.

Jim Murphy

Jim Murphy / Hal Keasler

Designer of Homes (that Feel Like Home)

ModMansions is spearheaded by owner Jim Murphy and his publicity-shy partner and husband, Hal. With a degree in engineering from Central Connecticut State University, a master’s in architecture and business from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and Executive Program degrees from Stanford and Cornell, Jim combines theory with practice to build homes that feel like home.

A Palm Spring resident himself, Murph understands the lure of the desert: hot breezes, warm nights, and a cool vibe. A fave oasis for the Rat Pack in the 1960s, today's city boasts midcentury modern architecture, golf courses galore, movie festivals, and fine dining.

David Monaghan

Brand & Property Ambassador

Virtually every interaction starts with a hearty greeting from David Monaghan. Originally hailing from Ireland, David’s accent on service is unsurpassed. Responding to texts and requests immediately is a hallmark of his “can do” attitude.

Laurie Sculley

Property Ambassador

When it comes to running the office, handling the nitty gritty details, and organizing the office, there’s none better than Laurie Sculley. She has been with ModMansions for 6 years and is the epitome of effortless transactions. Laurie remains at the helm of every transaction, from finalizing your contract to payment.

Palm Tree

Vacation Your Way

Defined By What Makes Us Different

Struggling to find a Palm Springs vacation rental that really feels like a home? You've come to the right place.

Welcome to the luxury treat you've been dreaming of! More importantly, welcome home.

Getting Ready To Relax

What To Bring

  • Your swimsuit (duh!)
  • Toiletries• Casual clothes - this is “Palm Springs” after all!
  • Sweaters for chilly evenings
  • Books
  • Games
  • DVDs for movie nights (players and TV provided)
  • Walking shoes for strolling or hiking in the mountains
  • Food and libations

Most importantly? Don't forget to pack away your stress. It's time for sun and relaxation.

For the group overpacker and/or worrier: our homes are equipped with every essential and extra you could ever need (or forget to pack), from cork screws to cast iron skillets. At ModMansions, we offer all of the little extras that make a vacation home special, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

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