Our commitment to people & Planet

Sustainability is more than merely reducing energy costs and lowering our carbon footprint. The United Nations noted in its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development that 17 goals assist with people, planet, peace, and prosperity. In short, these are lifestyle goals that enhance happiness.

Dedicated to the future, a clean one.

Although we don’t have an action plan for every goal, we are committed to those we can achieve. From recycling to healthy living to solar, when you stay with us at ModMansions, you are part of a more significant philosophy in tune with global goals for a better future.



How we make a difference.

Education - Based upon our co-founder’s dedication to life-long learning, Jim Murphy has created the LGBTQ Executive Leadership Program Scholarship at the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University, which has already raised enough funds for 25 scholarships. Further, the Keasler-Murphy Trust was established to provide mentorship and academic scholarships to LGBTQ and other under-represented individuals demonstrating need. modern

Solar Initiative - All our houses will be powered entirely by solar energy by the end of 2024, signaling the end of our reliance on electricity and gas. Although we currently operate our pool pumps on an off-the-grid solar system, this conversion is even more efficient and ecological. The first two mansions, Old Las Palmas and Meiselman are slated for this environmental upgrade in November 2023.

EV/Tesla Charging Stations - We are installing Tesla chargers in all our homes to encourage active electric vehicle usage actively. Solar arrays and Tesla batteries power ports to fight global warming. (Note: a small fee is added for the charging convenience.)

The Acts of Mod Program -With 85% of all textiles ending up in landfills, we’ve created an easy way for you to commit an act of kindness by leaving a piece of clothing you no longer need or want. Please leave the unwanted item on the bed with the Act of Mod card on top. We will launder the item and donate it to a needy and local Palm Springs charity.

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